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Dragon In Hell's Paradise

You see a dark silhouette in the morning sky soaring higher and higher. Dragon. This cannot be good. Over the past many months the dragon has appeared a number of times, kidnapping Hallanders, burning down houses, demanding tribute, human flesh, or just causing havoc.

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HP Birthday Parties

If there's an odd guy in red and black clothes throwing pies at people chances are Hell's Paradise is celebrating a birthday. Tavern and town are the best places to catch the jester and with a bit of luck you will get his scrolls of gag or, if you are really lucky, a piece of his clothing.

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Last Major Event - Walpurgis Night

Walpurgis Night, the time to shed your skin and dance around the fire, cavort with the devil and make pacts that will last until death.

It was a time to sacrifice a goat or two, catch up with Oberon to see what Midsummer will be like, get a flaming torch to give your enemies that warm fuzzy feeling only a burning house can give, find Morgan Le Fay's runaway apprentice, stock up with magic mushrooms and in general have a witching good time.

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Full Moon in Halland

On full moon everyone can hear you scream

Full moon in Halland is an unforgettable experience of race warfare, subversive tactics by pale skins (vampires) and fleabags (werewolves) to dominate, valiant efforts by hunters to keep both populations at bay through the use of their special weapons (silver daggers, wooden stakes, silver lined garlic laced leather jackets, magic eyes, ...) and inevitable victory by numbers by mutts (lycans).

It is a day and night of carnage, fun, friendly rivalry and frustration when you, a werewolf at heart, suddenly become a paleskin through sheer bad luck.

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